For families in the Cincinnati area, Wheelwork offers a unique opportunity to engage in supplemental home and community based pediatric physical therapy services that have the added benefit of blending with family coaching. This holistic, integrative perspective allows services to be customized to fit your family lifestyle.

There are times when families wish to receive additional physical therapy visits for their child to supplement Early Intervention or School-based services. This is where Wheelwork comes into play. We work with your family and other service providers to help you and your child conquer your goals. From consultations and screenings to ongoing intervention, a plan can be created to meet your needs.

Supplemental Physical Therapy services can benefit children of all ages including children experiencing gross motor developmental delays, trauma, or disorders and diagnoses that may lead to compromised function and mobility. We utilize evidence-based services to evaluate and provide intervention to all families in our care.

Coaching interventions are blended into care plans to address the desires and needs of each family. By addressing all family dynamics, including subjects such as nutrition, communication, and environment, interventions can be implemented to support the child’s motor goals.

A phone consultation can be used to answer any questions you may have and to begin the process of scheduling.