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Sound impossible? Well, it’s not!

Hello! I’m Kami. I am an Integrative Health Coach and the founder of Wheelwork Integrative Wellness. I offer wellness coaching and education services to people who want a bit of support on their life journey. It’s my job to hold space for growth, healing, transformation, and resilience-building. I do this by focusing on identity work and energetic health which together give clients a holistic view of wellness that moves them forward toward living their best lives.

I believe that we were all created for some unique purpose in this world, and it is only in knowing who we truly are that we are able to share ourselves with others in a way that serves that purpose. I believe that it is in that alignment of purpose that we find true joy.

I also believe that energetic health is the key to living a lifestyle of wellness. There are so many sides to our true selves, and our energetic health addresses them all – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — mind, body, and soul.

I have always felt called to the study and practice of healing through connecting with others. My work allows me to draw on my personal and professional knowledge and experience as I support others who are on their own wellness journeys. I have seen this work transform so many lives, and I get excited when I get the opportunity to share it with others.

Explore the Possibilities!


Harmony between the many facets of your life, when paired with clarity, can help you achieve a higher level of fulfillment and help you overcome stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and confusion.


A state of empowerment can allow for healing and connection to take root. There, you can overcome feelings of being trapped in a state of isolation, fatigue, depression, illness, or pain.


Inspiration can be ignited and used to overcome confusion, complacency and low motivation. It can be the element you need to transition into living an aware, forward moving, purpose-filled life.

Work with Me!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching with Wheelwork means having someone who will hold space for you as you dig deep into (re)discovering who you are and who you were put on this earth to be. It’s having a person who uses evidence-based techniques to help you realize what is blocking you from moving forward and gives you the tools you need to overcome the barriers.

Courses & Workshops

Self-guided, online courses and live group workshops offered in person or virtually are an opportunity to explore the topics that move you closer to a place of wellness. Wheelwork Wellness workshops can also be brought to your private small groups, community gatherings, agencies, or businesses.

New courses and workshops are added on a regular basis. Be sure to subscribe to the Wheelwork Community below to get information about the latest offerings.

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