When it comes to feeling and being well, most of us could use a little support in getting ourselves back on the right track if we find ourselves drifting. My name is Kami, and I am a holistic wellness coach. I work with women who want to learn ways to welcome calm, clarity, and confidence into their lives so that they can be well for themselves, for the people that they love, and for the work that they bring into the world.

Are you ready to do life differently?

We all struggle sometimes. It may feel like a physical challenge, emotional upheaval, mental fogginess, or spiritual disconnection. It may even be all those things at once. And, it can wreck havoc on our self-esteem, our personal relationships, our work – every part of our lives. The work of feeling and being better can be a challenge, but with support, knowledge, and the right tools and resources, we can learn realistic, effective ways to create positive change in our lives.

As a holistic wellness coach, I partner with the people I work with and support them in charting a new path for their lives. Together, we explore tools and techniques that help them connect with the deepest, truest parts of themselves and express themselves as they walk through the world.

I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and in using our physical and energetic bodies as tools for creating positive change throughout our lives. My coaching methods blend somatic and energy work together with more traditional wellness coaching frameworks to move the people I work with beyond barriers and boundaries that may make them feel stuck.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach. The client is the one who decides where they want to go, and the coach is there to offer suggestions on ways to get there. The client always maintains autonomy in the relationship but gets the benefit of having a coach to guide them as they delve deeper, visualize bigger, and take steps to integrate the knowledge and wisdom they uncover into their real, everyday lives.

Coaching with me may look like having deep conversations, exploring gentle movements, learning new ways to understand the language of the body, experiencing moments of stillness and expanding one’s capacity to be still, and discovering tools that help bring a sense authentic embodiment.

What Others Say

Clients share a few words about their experiences with me.

“I wanted to understand and overcome the fears, anxieties, and blocks that were holding me back from living a truly happy, fulfilling life. I had an idea of what I want out of life, and Kami showed me how to better understand ALL of me so that I could meet and integrate the parts that makeup the Whole of me!”

Autumn Caldwell

“I highly recommend Kami! She’s phenomenal and has a comprehensive holistic health background and skill set that she uses to help others for addressing all aspects of your development. Thank you, Kami!”


“Kami sets the stage for real sharing and openness. She either has a natural gift or has worked hard to be able to put people at ease and to develop lessons that help us think.”