Hello. I’m Kami.

Are you stuck in survival mode and struggling to care for yourself and the people in your life in the ways that you want?

If you’re ready to make a change, but you’re not sure where to start, just know that I’m here to walk that path with you and support you as you go.

Ready for the first step?

There are a lot of people who do their best in life but still find themselves stuck, struggling in survival mode. The struggle drains all of their energy to the point that they begin to run on empty. They’re tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated to the point that it begins to have a negative impact on their personal lives, their relationships, and the way they move through the world.

It’s a tough place to be, but there is a way to break free, and when you do, you will find that you can be calm and think clearly even when life is chaotic. You find that you can confidently make choices and decisions that bring you positive emotions, strong relationships, fulfilling work, and maximized health. It’s in that place where you will be better able to care for yourself and for those you love.

When you are ready, just say the word.

A Starting Point

The first steps toward changing the status quo can be the hardest ones to take especially when you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Start here! Use these tools to get your bearings so you can begin the work of breaking free.


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Resource Library

Support for your journey toward energetic wellness.

Ready for More

Are you ready to dig deeper? Let’s work together to create the change you want to see in your life.


Access self-paced, digital courses on a variety of holistic wellness topics.


Courses, workshops, and wellness sessions – virtual and in-person.

Wellness Coaching

Private and group programs allow for deep, personal transformation.

What Others Say

Clients share a few words about their experiences with me.

“I wanted to understand and overcome the fears, anxieties, and blocks that were holding me back from living a truly happy, fulfilling life. I had an idea of what I want out of life, and Kami showed me how to better understand ALL of me so that I could meet and integrate the parts that makeup the Whole of me!”

Autumn Caldwell

“I highly recommend Kami! She’s phenomenal and has a comprehensive holistic health background and skill set that she uses to help others for addressing all aspects of your development. Thank you, Kami!”


“Kami sets the stage for real sharing and openness. She either has a natural gift or has worked hard to be able to put people at ease and to develop lessons that help us think.”