From Knowing to Being

The Struggle to Bridge the Gap

It starts with a feeling, a sensation that begs for attention. Sometimes subtle, dismissible. Other times it screams at you, refusing to be ignored. It can be confusing. Disorienting. Concerning even. It’s the feeling that comes from being unsettled in your spirit, conflicted in your mind, or uneasy in your body, and it’s asking you, telling you, to make a change. 


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Ground Yourself for Life

Grounding is an effective way to move ourselves from a place of being scattered, irritable, insecure, and drained of energy and into a space of being focused, calm, secure, and productive. It is a process that we have to practice continually to reap the full benefits, because when we are consistent with integrating the tools for grounding into our daily lives, we can begin to thrive. 


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Get to Know the Real You

Who are you, really? 

The real you is the core of your being, your true Self. It lies deep inside of you, always there, trying to guide you, trying to make you aware, but life has a way of silencing this part of you making it hard to hear the call from within. But, still it remains, unchanged by life’s influence, whole and complete.  


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Image: Gina Weathersby

Where’s the Magic?

As we approached the new year, I noticed that a casual stroll through my social media feed was flooded with posts, memes, and hashtags celebrating the decimation of 2020 and the eager anticipation of stepping into better times at the stroke of midnight. As I read, I pictured in my mind a magic portal that would sweep across the globe and clean up the mess left behind by 2020 as the new year rolled in. Magical thinking! I guess it didn’t work, because as we have already seen, 2021 has rolled in, and as a whole, it looks pretty much the same.  


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The Work of Healing

Often, hearing the word work conjures images of doing — periods of busyness, full of bustling activity. While that may be the work that we are called to do in some moments, there are other times when we are called to do a different kind of work — the work of healing. Healing is not stagnant; it is actually quite active, but our activity shifts from a focus on doing to a focus on being. Healing moves us forward in the most beautiful way. Considering the current state of the world, perhaps healing is the work that everyone, everywhere has been called to do right now.


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The Light and the Darkness

Light and Darkness. Triumph and Trials. Joy and Sorrow. For me, this theme has been quite prominent over the past few weeks in many ways. Conversations, poetry, biblical passages, life. What I know and keep being reminded of is that even the most joy-filled life has darkness and difficulties. No one is exempt. But, if you take the time to see it and experience it, you can find that along with the fear and pain that darkness may bring there are also the most amazing gifts.


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Back to Basics

I enter the month of December feeling lighter in a lot of ways. I sense that a new season has begun for me. My attempts at my typical meditation practice didn’t sit well with me this morning. It left me feeling — unfulfilled. I felt compelled to go back to a simple guided meditation that began my meditation practice way back when. It left me feeling invigorated, rejuvenated, and with a sense of clarity that I haven’t felt in quite some time. I also walked away with the knowledge that this is a time for me to reassess what I am doing and why I am doing it in all areas of my life so that I can move forward in alignment and flow with what this new season brings. 


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