Don’t Miss Out on Life

“I am missing out on life happening right in front of me.” 

It’s a story I hear time and again. It’s a part of my own story. 

Humans. We tend to get caught up in the current of our own overwhelm — ruminating on the past, worrying about the future, focusing on the hustle and being busy doing all the things. We find ourselves in over our heads, unable to relax and enjoy the waves of the present moment and its gifts of connection and peace. Fortunately, we can swim our way out of the overwhelm when we learn to connect with and embody our wellness. And when we do, we can enjoy our lives in the moment and meaningfully share those moments with others. Sometimes those moments are gentle waves and sometimes they are huge swells that temporarily knock us off our feet, but no matter the circumstance, our wellness is our life vest that keeps our head above water, right here and now, in the present. 

Being well means becoming more aware of and more connected to all parts of your true Self and becoming more aware and accepting of the ways your true Self is either reflected or falls short of being reflected in your life. Embodying your wellness moves you from this place of knowing your true Self and into a place of action where you strive to express the truth of who you are through your thoughts, words, and behaviors. It requires you to recognize your humanness and bring self-compassion, grace, and humility to the table as well.  

Your wellness is a lifevest. Without it you may feel yourself drowning in overwhelming thoughts, emotions, physical activity or a combination of the three. When your life is consumed by your efforts to keep your head above water, you miss out on all of the goodness that the present moment can bring. Without your wellness, you can lose sight of your true Self, your lighthouse on the shore, and end up with a life that is far off course from your highest hopes and possibilities.  

With your head above water, you are able to enjoy what is happening in the now. This allows you to cultivate deeper relationships with people you care about, stay calm when your circumstances get more difficult, make decisions that will support you in the present as well as the future, and bring clarity regarding what tasks are yours to do and the ones that are not. It helps you to navigate the waters of life and accept it for what it brings — the joy, the challenges, and everything in between. 

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