Finding the Right Coach

There are so many coaches offering services these days – health coaches, business coaches, life coaches – and yet there seems to be a remarkable lack of clarity on the subject of how a client can find the right coach to fit their needs. The needs of every person will of course differ, so empowering yourself with information about what is being offered by a coach could greatly improve your chances of having success in any given program.

So, what is coaching?

Fundamentally, coaches empower clients to make changes in their lives that they are having difficulty achieving on their own. The methods that coaches use to work with their clients can vary greatly as can the results of those methods.

While I can’t speak for every coach, I can tell you what it is that I offer to clients here at Wheelwork Integrative Wellness.

Wellness Coaching with Wheelwork Integrative Wellness  

In short, Wheelwork coaching services empower clients to make lasting changes that improve their health and wellbeing. But more than that, my mission is to support women and families who want to establish and live a lifestyle of wellness that is balanced and true to their purpose.  

In day to day life, it’s easy to get caught up in the process of just getting by, but in reality, we were all made to thrive. Now that doesn’t mean that there won’t be tragedies, failures, and unfair circumstances in our lives. But, it does mean that we will be better equipped to handle difficulties, and that overall, we will live a life that is healthy, joyful, and most importantly, will be in alignment with our true, unique purpose.

Coaching with Wheelwork is not just about motivating clients to do better and cheering them on. I will encourage you to dig deep into figuring out who you are, what you want to do, how you want to do it, and who you want to be with while you are doing it. I will ask the right questions to help you realize what is blocking you from moving forward and will walk with you as you create a plan and follow through so that you get to a place that is more in alignment with the person you were created to be.

Why is Wheelwork coaching effective?  

  • Whole Life Approach – Even if a client has a specific goal that they are hoping to achieve with coaching, there is a need to take a step back and see if other areas that may seem to be unrelated are actually affecting the client’s ability to make the desired change.
  • Coach-Guided, Client-Led Partnership – A coach is an expert in using the right techniques to get results, but the true expert who knows the needs of the client best is the client. Recognizing this truth translates to unique, customized plans that lead to faster, more effective results.
  • Accountability – A part of the process is building a structure for accountability. Accountability is a driving force in reaching success.
  • Resources and Connections – It’s difficult to set goals and follow through without first knowing which options are available or knowing how to connect with the resources that are needed to be truly successful. Part of the coaching process is the provision of resources–people, books, information, websites, etc.– that can help a client move forward.

What are appropriate topics for coaching?

Any concern that gets in the way of a client living a fully-satisfying lifestyle of joy and wellness is an appropriate topic. It is for individuals who want to stick to the weight-loss program that their doctor prescribed. It’s for a family that is looking to add a bit more structure to their lives and implement healthy practices into their busy routines. Focus could be health, career, relationships and communication, personal development, rest and sleep, environment, spirituality, the list goes on.

If any of this resonates with you, I could be the right coach for you!

Want to talk about it further? Schedule a call with me. I’d love to answer your questions.  

You can also download this guide to writing your manifesto. This is a great place to start that can offer insight into areas of life that you may want to work on.

Be Well,