From Knowing to Being

The Struggle to Bridge the Gap

It starts with a feeling, a sensation that begs for attention. Sometimes subtle, dismissible. Other times it screams at you, refusing to be ignored. It can be confusing. Disorienting. Concerning even. It’s the feeling that comes from being unsettled in your spirit, conflicted in your mind, or uneasy in your body, and it’s asking you, telling you, to make a change. 

The second you decipher that feeling and recognize it for what it truly is, it becomes a knowing — you now know that there is a better option available to you even if you aren’t exactly sure what that option is just yet. 

So, why is it sometimes difficult at that point to figure out what the options are, and bridge the gap between knowing you need to make a change and actually making it? 

Being in this position, poised on the precipice of change but unable to take the first step, comes with the territory of being human. There’s a part of you that wants the stability of the familiar even when the familiar is no longer or perhaps never was serving you. 

That inner conflict between wanting to change yet wanting to stay the same, can keep you from taking that first step forward. And until you are able to tip the scales in favor of change, those feelings of being unsettled, conflicted, and uneasy will not go away. In fact they can intensify or manifest in new ways.  

To tip the scales toward change, you have to tap into that energy that’s calling out to you and follow where it leads. Hearing and following this inner guidance is a skill. Just like any other skill, it has to be learned and practiced. But, when it is, you’ll find yourself in a position to not just know that there is a better option for you, but you will be able to explore that option and integrate it into your way of being. That’s what brings you a sense of calm and peace as you continue along your way. 



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