Grow: Better and Better

So many come to coaching because they feel a need to change an aspect of their lives that’s troubling them. There are also those who come to coaching when they feel that life is good and running smoothly, but they have a sense that there is more that they want to accomplish in the world during their lifetime. They come to coaching because they want a bit of support as they grow and navigate through new territory. 

It can be tempting to stay put in a state of good and comfortable. Why rock the boat, right? But our lives are not meant to be lived that way. Our minds may make us think everything is perfect with sameness and security when we are in a good place, but our souls ache to evolve, transform, and create. 

It is when our soul desires are satisfied that we find true joy, happiness, and bliss. With full trust in the process of change and transformation, we can see the trials and challenges that come with the journey as worthwhile life lessons that can be managed in order to ascend to this higher level. 

It can take some time for us to wrap our minds around such a counter-intuitive thought, but our souls understand. That gut instinct we get when it’s time to shake things up is powerful and becomes even more so when we allow it the space to guide our decisions.