Manifesto for the Journey

Last week, I shared excerpts of my manifesto with all of you. (You can read that blog post here.) My manifesto is a continual work in progress, but there are some things that have remained constant from its first iteration. It has brought a great sense of clarity to my life. It helps me focus on things that are important and gives me the courage to let go of things that are no longer a good fit.

I think everyone can benefit from creating their own personal manifesto even if it is just a single statement that acts as a reminder of the way that they intend to live their lives. It can be a collection of quotes, excerpts from books, a playlist, a list of statements, or an entire journal. Your manifesto style should fit YOU.

I have written Manifesto for the Journey: a planning guide to help you kick-start the creation of your own manifesto. This is just a starting point to get you thinking. Where it goes from here is entirely up to you. Already have one? Dust it off. It’s time for an update!

Click below to download Manifesto for the Journey: a planning guide. Interested in taking things even further. Be sure to join the mailing list so that you can be one of the first to know about the upcoming Manifesto Workshops.