Hello! I’m Kami, the founder of Wheelwork Integrative Wellness, LLC.  I created this practice to help people differently than I have ever been able to before. Here, I combine my experience as a physical therapist, my education as an integrative health coach, my background as an educator, and my knowledge of holistic and complementary ways to heal the body. I use all these to provide clients multiple ways, both conventional and complementary, to work toward becoming a more joyful, healthier version of themselves—the version they were created to be.

Many years ago, I set the intention to simplify my life, to be more present and less busy and out of balance. At that time, I was a wife and a mommy to two young children. I was also working as a physical therapist, running a business with my husband, and managing a household. I knew I wasn’t living my best life, and I was ready to do something to change that reality. I started with studying minimalism, clean eating, and creating a natural, healing environment for my family. I began to focus more on my spiritual life. I was reintroduced to energy medicine and explored implementing the principles of energetic healing to create a healthy lifestyle for me and my family.

Even with the enhanced knowledge and expanding skill sets, I still struggled with incorporating what I had learned into my life. I acknowledged the imbalance and wanted to change, but I didn’t know how to move toward being well. 

I was fortunate to have an excellent support system of family and friends who held me accountable to follow through with the changes that I wanted to make. Being with them, living happily and purposefully was my motivation to persevere even through the challenges of change. They continue to be my motivation.

Under the umbrella of Wheelwork Integrative Wellness, I have the honor of serving women and families as they navigate the waters of change. I apply evidence-based methods of guidance, collaboration, and education, and build up a community of connections that help them thrive in every area of their lives.

Professional Bio

Kami Lerma, PT, IHC, is a mother, wife, publisher, integrative health coach, physical therapist, and the founder of Wheelwork Integrative Wellness, LLC.

Most of her twenty years of experience in healthcare has been spent working with families, helping clients reach the goals that they have set for the themselves and their children. Throughout those years, she has also supplemented her training and with education in multiple holistic and complementary modalities including energy healing, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage and bodywork, prayer and meditation, and acupressure. Kami has also played a role in education as a parent/caregiver, professional, and community education facilitator and as an editor for one of the top online continuing education platforms for physical therapists. Her training from Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach allows her to merge her knowledge and experience in the use of conventional and complementary methods of healing and prevention to help others improve their health and wellness. Through her work at Wheelwork, Kami supports clients searching for balance, wellness, and purpose in their lives.

All the while, Kami has worked with her husband, Deogracias, in building a successful photography business that has since expanded into the arena of publishing and media production.