We Paused

Just two weeks ago, life here in my city was different. I was making plans with my family, with my friends, for my career, and I was looking forward to the change in season that brings in the warmer weather of early spring. I watched from a distance as other parts of the world experienced upheaval and fear. I sent up my prayers and meditated on healing. And then, the chaos traversed the ocean, crossed city limits into my town, and began to wreak havoc. 

When the school closed its doors and business appointments were cancelled, my family went home. We took this past week to deal with the immediate needs presented to us, and pushed pause on the rest. We have spent our time gathering information while mindfully avoiding the temptation to immerse ourselves in the fear and panic. We have spent our time focused on our faith, on our health, and on keeping others safe and healthy as well. With those foundations shored, we are able to reassess our place in this situation and create a new plan of action based on this new reality. Now, it’s time for us to step into alignment with this temporary new normal. 

That is us. That was our initial reaction and is the way that we chose to cope. Others reacted differently — in their own way. Some jumped into immediate action in service of others, others into self-preservation mode, still others into denial. 

But what comes next, after our first gut reactions? Whatever your next step, I hope that you do it mindfully. Do it from a place of action, not continued reaction. Stay rooted in your beliefs and your values. Stay in alignment with who you truly are at your core. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos. 

Fear and panic are normal, natural emotions in the face of uncertainty. Observe your emotions, learn from them, then pivot and act from the outlook of love, service, and positivity. Step into and stay in alignment. 

How do you move out of fear and into alignment? It starts with a decision to do so. It requires you to stay grounded. Stay centered. Focus on gratitude. Focus on positivity. And move forward with confidence.