The Gift of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness truly is one of the greatest gifts we can possibly give ourselves. Awareness of who we are and how we move through this world empowers us to make decisions that help us live our best lives. 

Becoming self-aware gives us the perspective to understand who we are at the deepest parts of our being, our true Self, and learn to recognize how our persona, the way we present ourselves to the world, aligns or doesn’t align with our true Self. It enables us to see where we are and are not living up to our highest potential. 

Becoming self-aware isn’t easy; we have to be strong and have a high level of endurance. We have to be willing to step into a position of vulnerability knowing that this is an arduous journey, but that it is worth every reward that lies in the process. It can be disheartening, painful even, to see our shortcomings right alongside those moments when we glimpse our strengths and our powers. 

To step into this space of self-awareness, we have to nourish ourselves, fortify ourselves, and give ourselves grace and mercy. We have to simplify the journey and lighten our load by letting go of the things that do not serve. 

It’s a process that never truly ends, but the value of being on the journey is priceless. The reward is the opportunity to create a life that is purposeful, inspired, and happy.