Kami has worked with my daughter for almost 3 years – most of my little girl’s life. My daughter has a few different diagnoses that have resulted in severe physical and cognitive needs. Kami has always recognized her potential, abilities, and cheered every gain. She went above and beyond to assist my daughter in having a better life and even made it possible for me to continue a high level of care for my girl that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Jennifer Sloan

Kami is a sensational therapist!  I’ve had the privilege of working with her for several years in KY’s early intervention program, First Steps.  I’ve also watched her start programs, such as Infant Massage classes, to help outreach to the community the importance of touch for babies and children with unique needs.  Kami is knowledgeable, compassionate, creative and efficient.  I look forward to watching Kami continue to touch the lives of others and empower them to become the individual that God has planned.

Mary Bolger
Occupational Therapist

We can not say enough about what Kami has meant for our family.  She didn’t just see our daughter as another case but as an individual.  She took the time to understand her specific needs and helped our family see how we could each help in her development.  We do not believe that we would be where we are today if it were not for Kami and the care she gave our family.  We would gladly recommend her to any family in need of a caring person to oversee their children’s development.

The Leek Family