This is ME

Wheelwork Integrative Wellness, LLC founder and director, Kami Lerma.

For so long, I had a vision in my head of Wheelwork and what this practice could be, so I am ecstatic now that my vision has become a reality and continues to grow day by day. One of the things that excites me most is that with this work, I am able to offer a piece of myself to every person I work with. I give the things that I truly believe in and that speak to each woman’s individual needs and each family’s unique dynamics while also addressing my need to walk in my own truth.   

In my professional career, I have always made a point to operate in full transparency, and I think it is even more important now in regard to the nature of the services I offer through Wheelwork. So, I thought I would start this week with a post about the values and beliefs that I bring to the table in an effort to increase the effectiveness of the work that I do, because, for starters, I believe that when clients know exactly who it is that they are entrusting, they can relax into the process and allow the progress to flow. Yes, every coach should be able to put personal feelings and beliefs aside when working with a client, but still, isn’t it that much better when the beliefs of both parties align?

These are a few excerpts taken from my personal manifesto:


I believe that everyone is connected and that we were made to support one another and share ourselves with one another.


I believe that everyone was born with a purpose to fulfill. No purpose is any better or worse than any other – it just is.

Life is a Journey

Although it sounds completely cliché, I believe that life is a journey. It’s like a cross-country hike that lasts a lifetime.

Life has Seasons

Sometimes a new season begins but we are so comfortably entrenched in the previous season that we ignore the signs of change. However, I believe that it is in the discomfort and adjustments to the change of seasons where we grow and learn and become.

Wellness Requires Balance

I believe that being truly well means addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health. I believe that each of those elements interconnect like the gears in a machine with each area affecting the others as they change and move.

We Were Created to Feel Joy

I believe that we were all created to feel joy. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be tragedies, failures, trials, illnesses, and challenges in our lives that can covered up, bury, or damaged our ability to feel joy, but that ability never leaves us. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to catch a glimpse of it, and then that gratitude and joy can be a lifeline as we move through the difficulties.

Danger in Comparison

I believe that comparing ourselves to others and “keeping up with the Joneses” can cause us to veer our lives way off track and create a false measure of success and failure.

The best part about a list like this is that it is always a work in progress. New experiences, new challenges, new revelations may require adjustments to be made, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A list like this may be a source of encouragement, may foster a change in direction, or act as an anchor at a time of difficulty. There is no right or wrong way to write it.

This list is me. What about you? What beliefs and values inform the work that you do and the way that you lead your life? I challenge you to write it down–perhaps even share it with someone in your life. Or, I’d be honored if you’d like to share it with me!

Be Well,