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I enjoyed talking with you on our consultation call. Hopefully, I answered all of your questions, but please allow me to recap what we discussed.

Whole Life is a 7-session wellness coaching series designed for those who want to (re)discover their true Self and use that connection to move forward in life. Knowledge of who you are at your core will allow you to live a focused, empowered, aware life where you can better make choices that allow you to live your best life for yourself and for others.

Each session we will explore a new topic that will bring awareness and with that awareness, empowerment to help you move forward with a better understanding of who you and how you can live your best life.

Time commitment:

There is not a designated time commitment beyond the seven 75-minute sessions, however, those who get the greatest benefit from this program allow themselves a little bit of time each day to think about the information and allow for their lives to be transformed by it.

There will be actions and activities that you will be requested to complete in between each session. Some people like to carve out a certain day to complete the activity while others like to spread it more evenly throughout the weeks in between. There is no right or wrong way. But remember, you will get out of this what you are willing to put in.


Between sessions, we will be able to communicate through the coaching hub, a virtual space where you’ll be taken there after registration. There we can pass information back and forth to one another. I will be sending you messages to prepare for visits, follow up with visits, and give you motivation and inspiration in between.

The coaching hub will also allow for easy access for your Zoom Room links for our visits and for your access to my scheduling calendar.


Sessions take place about every two weeks. You will be able to schedule each session in advance if you’d like or one at a time. With your access to my scheduling calendar, you will be able to choose times that will work best for your personal needs.

You will be prompted to schedule our first session after your registration.

What you need:

I will be providing you with a comprehensive PDF workbook and guidebook that follow the content of the program. I would recommend that you have a binder to organize your pages if you decide to print them out. You will also want blank pages in your binder or a journal of some sort for journaling activities.

Session themes will include: 

Session 1: Create Space

Session 2: Holistically Speaking
Session 3: The Present Moment
Session 4: Soul Identity
Session 5: At the Core (Values)
Session 6: Visionary Endeavors
Session 7: Me, Myself, and I

Session experiences will include: 

  • Mindset Coaching
  • Energy & Somatic Work
  • Guided Meditation
  • Introspective Journaling


You may choose an investment schedule that works best for you. You may opt for 3 monthly payments of $455 or a one-time investment of $1300.

Are you ready? We can get started! Choose your investment option to begin the registration process.

I choose the one time investment:

I choose the 3 monthly payment investment:

I look forward to working with you! I have a few other options for connection and support that you may want to engage in as well.

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