Show Up, Do the Work

Here we are, not just at the start of a new year but at the start of a new decade. Nothing inspires people to institute change in their lives like crossing the threshold into a new period of marking time. 

Millions are busy writing their resolutions, creating their vision boards, and choosing their words to live by only to have those intentions fade into the busyness of life midway through January. Expressing a desire to experience a change in our lives is just the first step of many toward creating a new reality. Showing up is the second, but true transformation doesn’t even begin until we hit step three – doing the work. 

Most people have a desire to institute at least one small change in their lives. When the desire to create a change appears and is acknowledged it can be a powerful motivator to institute the necessary adaptations in life to make the desire a reality. We can move forward and set an intention by expressing our desires verbally, capturing them in pictures, or defining them in writing. This is where resolutions, vision boards, and words of intention come into play. Defining our desires and making them concrete allows us to move into a state of resonance with what we want to create. However, if there is no movement beyond this stage, we often feel defeated, discouraged, and uninspired to even attempt a change in the future. 

In order to move beyond merely stating our desire, we must show up for the task at hand. Do the research. Know what needs to fall into place first. Know which resources may be required. Plan a pathway and gather the necessary tools. Come up with alternate plans and emergency contingencies. 

Last comes the most difficult part of creating change – doing the work. That means getting into alignment with the desire by creating space for the process to begin and then to flow. It means creating new habits. It means having an open mind to new ways of thinking and doing and being. It may mean doing the work of letting go or the work of forgiving. And it most necessarily means looking inward and discerning each step based on our own true identity, because true happiness is not found when we change according to someone else’s ideals or change out fear. 

The process of change looks different for each person and each desire, but the steps are all the same. The journey can be long and grueling, but when we show up and do the work, we can reach a level of true success that brings us joy and fuels us to courageously face whatever challenges that life may bring. 

Be Well