Ground Yourself for Life

Grounding is an effective way to move ourselves from a place of being scattered, irritable, insecure, and drained of energy and into a space of being focused, calm, secure, and productive. It is a process that we have to practice continually to reap the full benefits, because when we are consistent with integrating the tools for grounding into our daily lives, we can begin to thrive. 

Being grounded means that we have established a strong, solid foundation for experiencing our thoughts and emotions and expressing ourselves through our behaviors. Grounding recharges our energy system by connecting us to the earth which is one source of the energy that we need to thrive — body, mind, and spirit. When we’re grounded, we can fully connect to the present moment, the only place where we can affect change in our lives. 

Grounding is something that we have to do daily, multiple times a day even, to offset the fact that we are constantly bombarded with life experiences that deplete our energy and weaken our foundations. When life experiences leave us ungrounded, we can lose our sense of Self and experience a decreased sense of purpose. 

Being grounded helps us to heal and feel better in our bodies. It allows us to experience our emotions which gives us space to better process them. It gives us a sense of security, safety, and stability so that we can confidently make decisions, better communicate, and improve our ability to stay calm even in stressful situations. Being grounded helps us ease back into flow when life happens to throw us out of sync. It keeps us connected to Self which allows us to focus on BEing our Selves and not on hustling through life without direction. Grounding gives us a sense of self-worth and purpose.  

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